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Bild oben: Glaskunst wo mitunter unsere JULIA Serie entsteht
Bild oben: Glaskunst wo mitunter unsere JULIA Serie entsteht

The company LED Visionen was born in the year 2010 and is today a sister company of the in 1995 founded mother company Autosystem Group called in short ASG. 
ASG started as a global supplier of mainly workshop Test equipment such as Brake Testers etc. The main market concentration was in the Far East plus the GB market areas. 

ASG expansion was imminent and saw a new area within the GPS / GSM fleet management system which today is still one of its major operational areas. Fleet management for service or transportation operators running HGV's, 
Strong partner companies are still part of the basis of ASG and we have a good and solid reputation in this area and can count on customers now working with us for nigh on 20 years.

For sure the high response and succes in this field still shows the high demand within the fleet management and the deman in optimising vehicles and there routings etc.

But the company ASG did not stop here and currently since 2010 put a new field together in the upcoming Energy saving around lighting systems.
Where are here the challanges? Well light is required everywhere and within the workshop or in various Industrial areas, a fair amount of knowledge and know how is required. 

Of course we cover also house projects, but this is always an individual selection as tastes vary. But we face also this challange.
For further information regarding this subject please see also the various items placed under our products chapter


So build with us your workshop or lighting system and always check in to our latest offers both for workshop, GPS or Lighting Systems. Call in or ask for a quote. We would be glad to help.

Your Autosystem Group / LED Visionen Team.