LED VISIONen. If you are looking for something special within the lighting sector both affordable and up to date and at the same time saving you money through unecessary energy consumption, then you cannot bypass our homepage.
Here you will find the right information required plus the relevent product you are looking for, to make that perfect light within your home or business.

LEDvisionen offers various design concepts to enhance your project and as so often if you can not find a Luminaire to suit the purpose, then send us your request design and it may well be that we can produce it for you in our own modern workshop.  

LEDs and more - Here you can see our Glass "Finit" Series". This from us designed light series which is hand made through an artistic and well known glass blower, has already found numerous customers in hotels, private houses and this all over the world. The honeycomb balls etc. are individually made to design and customer wishes. Thus this can also be a more bespoke version. 


LED Visionen is not only a word - We make also your  design wishes come true.