Intelligence has a name                   BAT Luminaire Series.

Please find here our new BAT Lumnaire series with integrated intelligence. With or without radar or dimming function we can supply as per your request. Now new also new our Beacon and Car Park versions.

Available in lengths from 300 mm to 2000 mm

BAT Luminaires supports standard 220V power feed or optionally 24VDC.
You can delegate via a soft key function (optional) a three stage dimming function.

Or it can operate with via a Dali control plus a daylight sensor enabling a smart full dimming control.


Another highlight is that one can control the LED colour temperature (K-value). So during the day you have the cool white operating and switching to warm white lets say in the evening.
The optional radar sensor allows movement control, thus dimming down the BAT to about 20% when no movement is detected and instantaneously switching back to 100% when an object is recognised.

Installation is easy with use of the included mounting clips or via a magnet kit for example in steel pits. NB For magnet version only 24V version is advisable.

Brand New in the BAT familly. 
We have two new features which are most exciting and for sure a new approach to information coming from an ordinary light source. Ordinary no, a fantastic opportunity for you and / or your customers. More information to follow but as a short message here some highlights:

1. Beacon BAT: Together with a smart phone App.. you have immediatly all locations defined where the BAT is installed in conection with information feed regarding parking, actual shopping information, highlights in the cinema and so on. The Link to your Smartphone.

2. Is the BAT Polaris: Car park light with free zone indicator - red / green. The BAT light being on standby 20% comes on to a 100% when you drive into the car park slot. Previously you have been guided via the green light to a free slot. When you park the car the light goes to red. The light itself stays on 100% for about 25 seconds and then returns to 20%.
Smart and up to date.


Polaris our introductory price until October 2017 for an unbelievable
97,00€ plus VAT & Transport. 
Resellers please check with us

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