Finit - Is the name for variations.                Nothing like imagination to suit your needs

Our FINIT Series is a bespoke structure ligting systems with lengths smaller than 1m and up to 10 meters.
They can be hanging, wall mounted or from the ceiling.

All parts are hand made and are of high quality blown glass. The design is unique and can be constructed to suit your needs andrequirements. We supply this type of luminaire which can be suitable for a modern room lighting system or up to a complex high ceiling being either in a Hallway or Hotel Lobby / Foyer.

The Honeycomb or full light light structures are all bespoke and can be made also especially to suit your design and taste.

Pictures here show only a small indication of what we can do for you so that your light is a unique eye catcher. 


For sure we can find the right structure to suit your requirements.


Please ask us for an individual bespoke offer.