Pit Lighting Systems


- PIT BAS lighting Program

- RILKO Industrial Lighting Program - ( Please scroll down )

 The PIT BAS SystemsA Top favorite within the Workshop Pit Installation. Smart, Powerful as well as power and space saving. The PIT BAS LED Rigid Strip sets.


Our Pit BAS Lighting sets which are robust and for many a year already in operation are the ultimate and highly recognized by all professionals.

They are space saving due to the minimum width of the Aluminum housing plus the 24 V DC reliable LED chips which are powered through a reliable LED Driver and is included in the set. All in all, a sound investment. 

* 24 Volt DC LED Strips with 3028 High Power and long lasting Chips

* Uniform lighting with no spots.

* Dimensions 1520 x 18 x 18 mm, plus 6 Meter connection cable.

* 45-degree angle for best underbody lighting

* The lights are Waterproof with approx. 3600 Lumen / light.

* Includes fixing Brackets for direct wall installation. Should other bracket versions be
   required, then we supply these also depending on your requirement.
* Includes 1 or 2 Drivers dependent on the size of the system.


Various pit lengths also means different set ups. We supply standard a 4, 6 or 8 strip PIT BAS Sets. Of course other options based on your workshop pit length are available. 

Picture below: a TUEV Station with 32 LED lights. Note for this set up an external power cabinet is supplied.


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Picture Top: External power cabinet for LED lighting systems.


New: Check out our new smart and Intelligent BAT lights. Either with 24 VDC or now new with an integrated Power Supply for 220V AC - Versions with up to 5800 lumen



Power Saver

>NEW. We can now supply a new 45° - 1560mm Luminaire for all Pits and Lifts. This optional feature offers great savings in regards to power usage:

After switching on your Pit or Lift lights, the Lumen output is 100%. This is the case for about 5 minutes if no movement in the Pit is detected.
After the time out, the lights will cut back to 50% of its light output. This allows one to have enough light in the Pit or working area as an orientation. If then a Person is detected, the lights will automatically return back to 100% light output. 

RILKO - Lighting Systems

The new highly robust Tube Light, for the Industry plus your Workshop or Wash Bay Areas.

 RILKO for your Pit Lighting projects.

Since October 2017 we have included into our workshop and Industrial Program the new cylinder high grade Luminaire.

Obtainable in lengths 600/1200 and 1500 mm.
Diameter: Standard 45mm. Optional and on request 80mm 

This is an IP67 - IK10 Luminaire. IP 69 as an option


Technical Details:

  • Patented robust cylinder - IK10 Norm
  • Anti UV radiation cover
  • Anti corrosion built - INOX Endcaps. 
  • Power Input - 220V AC
  • Power 40W by a tube length of 1500 mm and 45 mm diameter
  • Power 60W by a tube length of 1500 mm and 80 mm diameter
  • Light Power - by 1500 mm length
    Vers. 45 mm = 5200 lm - approx
    Vers. 80 mm = 7300 lm - approx.
  • Standard Tube Diameter = 45mm if not requested otherwise
  • 416 LEDs with 1500 mm length
  • 1 Meter Power feed cable on one side. Plug and Play Snap in Wieland connectors are standard. Longer cable lengths on request
  • Linkable version as an option - See also our Shop
  • A Dimmable version is available on request
  • Fixed INOX Installation Holders are supplied