Our Street Light program

We offer a top and most variable program regarding street lights both for urban or Industrial purposes. Not only are our economical but also reliabale and efficient. Please request for further information stating the light which you have now and wish to replace or if it is a new project. We would be glad to assist. 

Our street lights are most efficient when combined with a solar charging system. Of course just a 220V version can be obtained. We supply also if required the light masts in various heights. 
Top pic.: Solar Panel Light - 40W version with solar charge regulator included.

An opt. Battery buffer can be supplied. 
Bottom pic.: Our smart looking and newest version. We supply up to 180W version The newest version being the ASG-2. All weather proven and in Anthrazit Grey. A solar version is also available with Bat. Pack on request. 

A smart and everyday exchange head for most road and street lighting applications. We supply from 40W to 180W with or without Solar or Battery Backup.
Comes complete with integrated controller and high grade transformer for long lasting.

IP65 waterproof version is given, plus an optimised heat control casing in metal grey colour. This rounds of a unique light head design 

The light neck can be adapted to suit your ideal light positioning.