Workshop Lifts - Lighting System with more than 3000 LED sets sold

Since more than 7 years now, we still supply your all time favourite LED light sets for Lifts and Pit installations.

One can say it is the light of the future and not only is it very flat and thus highly flexible in tight areas, it is a LED light which you can rely on day in and day out. It simply does it's job.

Easy to install and nigh on worldwide in operation it has found homes not only in Germany but in the UK, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Dubai and in the South Americans. 

Check it out and ask for our BSET sereies, you'll be impressed both with the quality, brightness, anti dazzle and of course the price.


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LEDvisionen Lift Luminaires:

Our very popular LED lift lights with more than 3000 pcs sold. Smart and with a lot of light power but not blinding enabling you to see into the darkest underbody areas.

The very flat and smart looking LED lights is easy to maintain. Just install it and forget that it is there. A real long lasting light.

We find that the number sold of + 3000 over the last years speaks for itself. It offers fantastic lighting for small money and what is more important, you have the right light for your work area plus you are up to date with LED lighting. Your customer will be impressed to see such a modern light within the workshop and it generates a good feeling. Check out our BSET kits for your lift today. It will fit into the smallest of space and should our standard lengths not be what you are looking for, then ask us for a bespoke version. We will construct in our modern workshop the light you require. and qualtity does not need to be expensive.  


We offer 12 V or 24V DC versions. Installations can be fix or mobile via our magnetic mounting system. This offers you a 100% flexible mounting plus no drilling of holes.

The light has a standard length of 1520mm plus an inclination of 45 degrees for a better underbody lighting. (Other lengths on request - max. 2 meters).

BSET Set Series:
Consumption by 24 V DC approx. 30W per strip, Intensity approx.3500Lumen. Incl. 6m connection cable. 

Consumption by 12 V DC approx. 23W per strip, Intensity approx. 2500 Lumen. Incl. 2,5m connection cable. 
The BSET comes usually as a set with 2 or 4 lights including the appropiate driver.

All sets are waterproof to IP 67 standard.

And if any wishes are required, then we can put the right set together for you, just ask us.

MAGNET Installation

Powerful flat type magnets ensure a secure fixation without the use of screws onto your lift. A real time saver and your up and running in the shortest of time.

Magnet set of 3pcs. Complete with 3M double stick tape.